Providing Nutrient-Dense, Organic Eggs to Meet Consumers’ Demands

We all know that eggs are a popular item in the American breakfast, and we at Chino Valley Ranchers understand why: they’re simple, convenient and delicious. But perhaps the best reason for why eggs are so popular in the morning is that many people view eggs as part of a traditional, comforting breakfast food. And is there ever a wrong time for comfort?

Yet we notice that “convenient and comforting” doesn’t just stop in the morning. These attractions have led us to move later in the day to meet friends at noon for brunch or enjoy mid-afternoon diner breakfasts. Most restaurants have even added all-day breakfast options to account for the ongoing egg craze. So how do we at Chino Valley Ranchers keep up with the high desire for quality eggs? Take a look below!

Nutrient-Dense Demand

In the recent years, these responses have led to consumers to demand more natural, organic ingredients. Additionally, there has been a strong consumer desire for higher protein foods. According to a survey conducted by Technomic, 75 percent of people perceive foods high in protein as being healthier and 39 percent are willing to pay extra for it. One large egg contains 6 grams of protein, which is a solid chunk of the daily requirement for an average adult. It’s no wonder why “putting an egg on it” is becoming more and more common.

Our Nutritional Promise

Here at Chino Valley Ranchers, we love eggs. Not only do we love them, we know them. From the feed to the environment, we understand the exact components that make up each and every egg we sell. We also understand that eggs provide an affordable indulgence and are a convenient way to add protein to any kind of dish.

Our promise is to stay committed to using nutritious, top-quality feed to keep our chickens healthy, active and content. To ensure delicious eggs for our customers, we always feed our hen’s organic diets that are free of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones. It’s just one of the ways that we can provide quality products to our customers.

To learn more about our products and sustainability, contact Chino Valley Ranchers today.