Choline: The Egg Nutrient Everyone Should Know About

At Chino Valley Ranchers, providing our customers with nutrient-dense egg products is important to us. That’s why we love talking about all the nutritional benefits associated with eggs. We even created an outline of the jam-packed nutrients you can expect in each Chino Valley Ranchers egg.

One of these nutrients is choline, which is just one of the many vitamins responsible for making the egg a superfood. But what makes choline an egg nutrient that everyone should know about?

An Important Part of the Body

Choline isn’t a vitamin you hear about every day, but it’s actually vital to your health. It’s an essential nutrient that about 90 percent of people fall short on their suggested choline intake.

Choline plays an important part in your brain’s messaging system by helping it produce neurotransmitters. Those neurotransmitters, in turn, help with muscle control, memory and cognitive function. For expectant mothers, choline is necessary for supporting a healthy pregnancy, aiding in functions like breastfeeding and preventing birth defects. But even if you aren’t an expecting mother, choline helps support nerve function, muscle movement and a healthy metabolism.

Get More Choline in Your Diet

The recommended dose of choline is 425 to 550 milligrams. Next to organ meat, eggs contain the highest levels of choline in a single serving. An average egg will give you about 250 mg of choline – that’s more than half the recommended daily intake. But don’t skip out on the yolk, that’s where choline is mostly concentrated and it’s sure to give your body the amount needs.

If you’re looking for natural nutrition, look no further than organic, non-GMO and humane eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers. For more information on our products, contact us today or visit our store locator today to find a Chino Valley Ranchers’ egg distributor near you.