All You Need To Know About Packaged Liquid Egg Whites

If cracking open eggs, separating the yolks from the egg whites, and throwing the yolks away seems like a waste of time and eggs, that’s because it is — and egg producers around the country have created a solution: packaged liquid egg whites. 

The Benefits of Packaged Liquid Egg Whites

Packaged liquid egg whites are great for making muffins or waffles because they can be easily measured. When making an omelet or egg sandwich, simply pour liquid egg whites into the skillet and the eggs will cook lightning fast. You can also mix a few whole eggs with liquid egg whites for a lighter, protein-rich breakfast.

If you’re looking for healthy recipes with liquid egg whites, check out this recent blog post from Chino Valley Ranchers.

Liquid egg whites are a great alternative to eggs for individuals who need to lower their cholesterol levels or increase protein intake. Chino Valley Ranchers Organic Liquid Egg Whites are fat-free and carb-free, making it the perfect option for health-conscious individuals.

What’s in a Package of Liquid Egg Whites?

One serving of Chino Valley Ranchers Organic Liquid Egg Whites contains 5 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat and 0 grams of carbs. One 16 oz. carton contains 10 servings, or about 10 eggs, and is free from additives and artificial ingredients. When shopping for packaged liquid egg whites it’s important to avoid products that contain other ingredients or fillers, such as gums and artificial colors.

How Packaged Liquid Egg Whites Are Different

Packaged liquid egg whites are naturally runnier than egg whites separated from a whole egg because of the pasteurization process in manufacturing. This doesn’t change the nutrition content or taste of the liquid egg whites, but can make it more difficult to whip fluffy egg whites. 

What happens to the yolks? Most egg producers sell the leftover yolks to ingredient customers, or retailers, foodservice operators such as grocery stores or restaurants. These ingredient customers use the egg yolks to make a variety of products, such as ice cream or salad dressing.