Why Organic Eggs? Here are Some Healthy Reasons

Organic eggs are great for your health! But, why organic eggs? Aren’t all eggs exactly the same? Well, the quick answer is simply “no.” There are several different choices on the market today, often leaving consumers feeling cracked up and in need of the nearest eggs-it. But don’t worry! We are here to help navigate the process of buying eggs. Below are some great reasons to purchase organic eggs.

Science Says: A Penn State Study on eggs found that organic eggs have three times more omega-3 fat, almost two times as much vitamin E, and 40 percent more vitamin A in their yolks.

  • Grass Grazed: The same Penn State study found that the type of grass that the hens graze upon is an important variable in the health of their eggs. Pastured hens chomping on clover- and alfalfa-full grasses produced 18 percent more omega-3 fat than those who ate plain old grass.
  • Tastier Treats: A healthy, happy hen produces healthy, antibiotic- and toxin-free eggs. Eggs that are healthy and free of any unhealthy additives naturally taste better. The yolks are also richer in color (maybe because of all those extra nutrients and vitamins) and are more satisfying, helping to curb over-eating.

Chino Valley Ranchers is a family-owned organic chicken farm that has been around for three generations. We believe that our hens deserve humane treatment, so we let them drink fresh water from our wells, roam freely around their barns, and eat a diet that is natural to them. You won’t find any antibiotics, pesticides, or animal by-products in their diets. Our commitment to our hens makes the eggs better: they are full of omega-3s and vitamins, plus they just taste more delicious. The next time you wonder, why organic eggs?, remember us and our commitment to bringing you healthy, fresh, humanely raised eggs.