Why a Hen’s Diet Matters in Creating the Best Organic Eggs

As you eat an omelette during Sunday brunch, are you thinking about the hen’s breakfast that produced those eggs? Probably not. But maybe you should. A hen’s diet plays a significant role in determining the quality of the egg produced. In fact, the best organic eggs come from hens who are fed the best diet. Because we tend to be far removed from the actual production of the food we consume, it is important to stay educated on everything that goes behind the food that ends up on our tables. You may be surprised!

A healthy feed for hens includes high portions of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. However, many farms opt for a formulation that will speed growth and efficiency. They focus on quick production that will lead to higher profits, and sometimes the quality of the eggs delivered to the consumer is compromised. As a result, hens lose out on many necessary nutrients. This leads to rising questions of concern, asking if the negative affects on the hen will consequently affect the consumer.

Chino Valley Ranchers cares about our hens’ diets. As a distributor of the best organic eggs in southern California, we place a high value on what we feed our hens. They are family. We own the only organically certified feed mill in Southern California so we have total control over feed production and distribution and our employees manage the entire process at all times.

Our certified organic diet consists of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, limestone and a number of other vitamins and minerals. Diets are formulated by our Avian Nutritionists and then precise formulation is produced at our on-site mill. All our organic grains must come from non-genetically modified seeds. All crops are grown on land that has gone three years without the use of herbicides or pesticides and then becomes certified organic ground. Once our special formulation is mixed we hand deliver to the birds.

The results? Healthier chickens and a more nutritious egg! We really believe it’s the best organic egg out there.

For information on where to purchase eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers, please call (800) 354-4503 or email info@chinovalleyranchers.com.