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When to Use Liquid Eggs in Place of Shelled Eggs

Eggs are an extremely versatile food item. They can be cooked and enjoyed on their own in a wide variety of ways. They can be used for batters and coatings. They act as a binder in everything from baked goods to meat dishes. There is so much you can do with a simple egg. Plus, they offer many nutritional benefits—especially when you are using organic eggs from the happy, healthy cage-free chickens of Chino Valley Ranchers!

Ultimate Convenience
However, sometimes you don’t want to deal with cracking an egg (or several eggs) to make your favorite dishes. You may be making a quick breakfast before work or school. You might be baking something and want to minimize the mess. This is when liquid eggs are a great alternative. You get all the same nutrition and taste, but in a much more convenient package. You can pour your pre-mixed eggs right out of a carton with no shells to toss out. Whether you’re making scrambled eggs, meatloaf, cupcakes or anything in between, liquid eggs give you just what you need exactly when you need it.

What is a Liquid Whole Egg?
People often ask us if there is anything different about liquid whole eggs in a carton compared to regular eggs from a shell. These are whole eggs cracked and deshelled for your convenience. The only difference is a little bit of natural citric acid added to the mix to act as a preservative for the raw eggs in the carton. That way, they stay fresher for longer. You can keep a carton of liquid eggs on hand to use at your convenience. 

Chino Valley Ranchers Pasture Raised Liquid Whole Eggs
Chino Valley Ranchers offers Liquid Whole Eggs that come from chickens which are pasture raised for optimal health and happiness. These hens are free to roam the fields during the day, allowing them to eat grass, seeds, bugs and worms as they would in nature. They also enjoy the sunlight, bathing in the dust and resting in the shade. Our ranches provide at least 108 square feet of open land per bird. 

Each 16-ounce pint of Chino Valley Ranchers Pasture Raised Liquid Whole Eggs is equivalent to about 10 eggs. All you need to do is shake the carton a bit before serving to make sure the yolks and whites are nicely mixed. Then, about three tablespoons (3 Tbsp) of liquid eggs is equivalent to one whole egg that you can use for any recipe that calls for mixed eggs. If you are making something that requires you to separate the whites from the yolks, you’ll still want to use shelled eggs. Otherwise, our Liquid Whole Eggs are the perfect convenient substitute for almost 
any other recipe!

Chino Valley Ranchers 100% Organic Liquid Egg Whites
If you are looking for an even healthier option or have a recipe that only calls for egg whites, you’ll want to pick up a carton of Chino Valley Ranchers 100% Organic Liquid Egg Whites. These egg whites come from eggs which come from hens who are fed only the finest certified organic (non-GMO) grains and seeds. They are also raised in pesticide-free fields in a cage-free environment. Our egg whites are naturally fat free, cholesterol free and contain no additives or extra ingredients. Without the yolks, egg whites naturally stay preserved longer. You can keep a carton in your fridge for all your healthy cooking needs. We offer two sizes for your convenience: 16 ounces and 32 ounces.

To learn more about Pasture Raised Liquid Whole Eggs and 100% Organic Liquid Egg Whites from Chino Valley Ranchers—or to find a store near you—please visit our website or contact us today.