What’s An Organic Egg?

According to the American Egg Board, Organic Eggs are defined as:

  • Eggs that are laid by cage-free, free-roaming hens that are raised on certified organic feed and have access to the outdoors.
  • Hens are given only feed that is grown without synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers
  • 100% of the feed’s agricultural ingredients must be certified organic. Antibiotics and growth hormones are prohibited (although these are not found in any shell eggs).


At Chino Valley Ranchers, we follow these basic parameters, but also go well beyond them to ensure that our customers enjoy the healthiest, tastiest organic eggs found anywhere.

Organic Beginnings

Starting at two days of age, chicks are raised on a strict organic protocol.

Free Range

All of our organic eggs come from hens that live on free range farms, which means they have access to the outdoors 24/7 (except during inclement weather). 100% of our birds have access to soil and vegetation where they can dust bathe, scratch and dig for insects.

Happy Hens

Besides the freedom to roam outside, our hens also enjoy socializing and laying their eggs in the privacy of a nest.

Pure Organic Feed

Hens are fed the finest organic (and non-GMO) grains & seeds from certified pesticide-free fields.

Organic Feed Mill

We own and operate Southern California’s only certified organic feed mill for poultry, which ensures the highest quality & purity.

Third Party Certification

We are certified organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). All areas of production, from the feed mill to the processing plant, are inspected to ensure our compliance with the organic standards.