What Makes an Egg Soy Free?

Ever since the introduction of soy to American diets 50 years ago, the prevalence of soy-related allergies has risen. Nowadays, soy allergies rarely have life-threatening symptoms, but people who have it can experience very uncomfortable side effects. Oftentimes, people mistakenly think they are allergic to eggs when actually they might just be allergic to the soy protein found in the eggs from chickens that consume soy-based feeds.

As the incidence of soy allergies has increased, Chino Valley Ranchers has aimed to provide soy free eggs to combat this issue. For us, this meant creating a soy free animal feed that wouldn’t sacrifice the health of our hens.

Why Soy Free is Important to Chino Valley Ranchers

At Chino Valley Ranchers, our hens are given soy free feeds that we’ve cultivated ourselves. Our soy free feed is all-natural and made from organic ingredients, proven to be beneficial to the chickens that eat them. However, the road to creating and providing soy free feed for our chickens wasn’t the easiest. For several years, Chino Valley Ranchers worked closely with a nutritionist to test new seeds and grains that were not just soy free, but also certified organic. After many trials, we finally created a sunflower seed blend that our chickens approve!

Today, our soy free eggs are really what they claim to be – 100 percent soy free! Our chickens at Chino Valley Ranchers lay soy free eggs that taste wonderful and won’t affect those with soy allergies.

Our Soy Free Promise

If you love eggs but want a diet free of soy, then look for Chino Valley Ranchers soy free eggs and egg products at your nearest grocer. To learn more about Chino Valley Ranchers soy free feeds and our other organic and humane hen-raising practices, contact us today.