Chino Valley Ranchers History

The Story Behind Chino Valley Ranchers

In 1952 Charles B. Nichols bought eggs from local farmers and resold them at the LA Market in a small delivery truck. In the late 50s he decided to expand the business a bit by producing his own eggs and introduced the innovative concept of cage free chickens. Along with his wife Isabella and their three children, Charles, David and Steve, the story of Chino Valley Ranchers began.

Woven through three generations of farmers, Chino Valley Rancher’s family values are at the core of who they are, as they strive to produce the freshest eggs for the consumer and the safest environment for the chickens.

From the very beginning Charles cared about the chickens, always looking for new ways to improve their lives, like placing nests on the floor and allowing them to walk freely rather than remain constricted in cages. Charles’ dedication paved the way for his family to take over one day and continue the legacy of Chino Valley Ranchers.

In 1989, Charles’ son Steve took the helm with his wife Kathy. They followed in Charles’ footsteps and pushed the ranches in their sustainable efforts, most notably by stepping into the organic and specialty egg markets. Steve and Kathy contacted a farmer that carried organic grains and began producing organic eggs with 2000 chickens.

Recently, Steve and Kathy’s son Chris came on board, adding a third generation of farmers to the family. Even the employees that are not immediate family will say they feel at home here, a value we contribute to our success.

We are proud of the legacy we have created over the past fifty years and look forward to the future. Chino Valley Ranchers is built on a tradition of family and a tradition of innovation. And of course it is the best place to live if you are a chicken.

To learn more about the story being written at Chino Valley Ranchers, please feel free to call us toll-free at (800) 354-4503.