The Role of Eggs in the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has proclaimed to be one of the healthiest ways to eat. Unlike most restrictive diets, this one includes cooking with whole, minimally-processed ingredients in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. At Chino Valley Ranchers, we understand that eggs are a staple food in many diets, including this one. That’s why our chickens receive a nutrient-dense feed in order to produce quality, organic eggs that taste delicious. Eager to hear more about the role eggs play in the Mediterranean Diet? Continue reading!

The History of Eggs in the Mediterranean

During the pre-refrigeration days, chickens were the gift that kept on giving, as they offered their regular and predictable bounty of fresh eggs. Over three thousand years ago, Ancient Phoenicians in the Mediterranean kept chickens as barnyard animals because they were easy to care for and their eggs provided a recurring source of food that was rich in nutritional value. The prevalence of chickens provided a supply of eggs ready to be used in everyday cooking for the many cultures that have called the Mediterranean home.

Eggs in the Mediterranean Diet

Today, many popular Roman dishes use eggs, along with other countries such as Turkey, Morocco, Portugal, and Greece. Eggs are used in simple dishes, as well as more complex recipes because they provide great flavor and are an are filled with nutritional value. The Arabic egg, the Spanish tortilla, and the Italian frittata are all egg-based recipes along the lines of what Americans would call omelets. Middle Eastern and African cultures also enjoy a dish called shakshuka, which is made of poached eggs in tomato sauce. In addition, eggs are found in many Mediterranean-based desserts like custards and baked goods, due to their excellent binding qualities.

Whether you are inspired by the Mediterranean diet or prefer standard American egg recipes, it’s hard to imagine daily life without the flavor, nutritional benefits, and variety of uses that eggs provide.

If you’re looking for the healthiest organic eggs while on the Mediterranean Diet, turn to Chino Valley Ranchers. Our eggs are loaded with natural nutrients that come from happy and healthy chickens. To learn more about our eggs and where to find them, contact us today!