The Importance of Choosing Certified Organic Eggs

More than ever before, people are understanding the value and benefits of consuming organic goods, especially organic eggs. This means that consumers are increasingly more willing to pay for healthier organic food choices from egg producers like Chino Valley Ranchers.

Unlike conventional eggs, certified organic egg products must meet certain requirements in order to qualify under the USDA certified organic label. Chickens that produce certified organic eggs are not to be given antibiotics or growth hormones and must be fed a diet free of herbicides and pesticides.

Here are just a few reasons why choosing certified organic eggs is so important:

1. Better Diets for the Hens

A key aspect of producing organic eggs is making sure that the hens are given quality feed and that the feed itself is 100 percent certified organic. We offer a range of specific diets for our hens, from soy-free to flaxseed-enriched, to produce eggs with natural nutritional benefits.

2. Happy Cage-Free Birds

The hens at Chino Valley Ranchers roam free and live a normal chicken lifestyle. They are able to take dust baths, socialize and do the things that they enjoy. We’ve found that happier hens produce better eggs.

3. Strict Organic Regulations

All organic farmers are regularly audited by food and health commissions to make sure they are not mistreating their birds. If any mistreatment of chickens is found or diets are proven to have non-organic elements, the organic certification can be revoked. As an organic farm, Chino Valley Ranchers is held accountable for the treatment of our hens in order to make sure that our eggs remain the highest quality and stay 100 percent organic.

Chino Valley Ranchers is a family owned and operated company that has been producing quality, organic eggs for over 50 years. During this time, we’ve constantly produced high-quality organic and cage-free eggs for our customers. To learn more about our egg products, contact us today.