The Health Benefits Attached to Egg Whites

We all know that eggs can be a healthy and delicious breakfast option. But did you know that egg whites carry their own healthy benefits as well? Chino Valley Ranchers is familiar with this, as we not only produce a variety of eggs, but we now carry liquid egg whites as well. Read on to learn about all of the health benefits attached to egg whites.

1. Potassium is found in egg whites.

Potassium is a mineral that can help your bone and heart health. It can also improve how well your organs and cells function. For those looking to increase their potassium levels, look no further than the egg white. The potassium found in egg whites can help produce membrane potential, which is vital for organs and heart function.

2. Egg whites can help with metabolism.

All eggs contain riboflavin, which is a vitamin that releases energy from carbohydrates. Because of this, riboflavin helps increase metabolism as well as red blood cells. And over half of the riboflavin is found directly in the egg white!

3. Egg whites are a great source of protein.

Finding and eating foods with high levels of protein can be great for your health. That’s because protein builds muscle and helps fuel your body to stay active and alert throughout the day. Fortunately, egg whites can provide a good portion of your daily protein intake that’s needed to keep you going.

At Chino Valley Ranchers, we want our customers to be as healthy as can be. Egg whites are a great way to maintain a healthy – and tasty – diet. That is why we’ve added liquid egg whites to our list of products. For more information about our liquid egg whites, contact Chino Valley Ranchers today!