The Eggs All Vegetarians Must Buy: Humane Harvest

If you’re a vegetarian trying to decide whether eggs should fit within the confines of your diet we have good news! Chino Valley Ranchers’ Humane Harvest eggs are both delicious and vegetarian. Our fresh eggs come from hens that receive a special diet high in protein and low in saturated fat. No animal byproducts or cholesterol are included in their specially formulated feed.

We know there isn’t just one kind of vegetarian. Some eat fish; some eat dairy. Some eat eggs and not dairy, and then others eat dairy but not eggs. (And then there are vegans who don’t eat any animal product.) The rules fluctuate which can make food choices more complicated. While the limits of a vegetarian diet vary, our standards for Humane Harvest eggs are consistent. We deliver quality eggs that are not produced at the expense of our hen family. Not only are Humane Harvest eggs free of animal byproducts, but they also are produced in the most humane environment. Hens live and roam freely through large community houses and produce beautiful brown-shelled eggs perfect for the vegetarian.

The introduction of Humane Harvest eggs to the market is important for vegetarians because they now have access to the many nutritional benefits of eggs without compromising their food requirements. Eggs are rich in protein and iron, which is often lacking in plant-based diets.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or meat lover at heart we encourage you to try the Humane Harvest eggs. They are produced by a family that is serious about ethical and sustainable practices. We mix and test the feed ourselves so we can guarantee our vegetarian eggs live up to the standards we promise.

For information on where to you can find Humane Harvest eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers, please call (800) 354-4503 or email