The Demand for Organic Dairy Goes Up in 2010, Which May Make It Harder for Consumers to Find Organic Products from Growers

More people than ever before understand the value and benefits of consuming organic goods, especially organic dairy products, organic eggs and cage free eggs. Consumers are increasingly more willing to pay for healthier organic food choices from growers like Chino Valley Ranchers and Horizon Organic.

Producing organic products is a lot more work for farmers. Unlike conventional dairy products, dairy products that are certified organic must meet certain requirements in order to qualify under the USDA certified organic label. Cows or chickens that produce certified organic milk or certified organic eggs are not to be given antibiotics or growth hormones and they must be fed organic food that is grown without herbicides or pesticides. And although the costs of organic grain and hay have risen, farmers aren’t being paid any more for their organic dairy.

David Will, the General Manager of Chino Valley Ranchers, comments on this trend by saying, “So what does this mean for the consumer? Although it is unfortunate that the prices may be going up, it’s important to remember that every item you choose at the grocery store is a vote.” He goes on to encourage consumers by saying, “If you want to see more and more organic products at your local grocery store, you will need to ‘vote organic’ for a time, by spending your dollars in support of this trend. Buying organic produce and products not only benefits you, the consumer, it is also better for our farms and our environment by keeping herbicides and pesticides out of our system.”

Chino Valley Ranchers is a family owned and operated company located in Arcadia, CA and has been producing quality, organic eggs for over 50 years. During this time, the company has constantly improved its ability to achieve the highest quality organic and cage free eggs for its customers. Chino Valley Ranchers offers many egg varieties, including organic, soy free organic, organic omega-3, organic DHA Omega-3, Veg-a-Fed, Veg-a-Fed Omega-3, Humane Harvest and Nutri-Fresh Fertile eggs. More information about Chino Valley Ranchers can be found on its corporate website at or by calling 1.800.354.4503.