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The Benefits of Organic Soy-Free Corn-Free Eggs

Our top priority at Chino Valley Ranchers is producing the highest quality eggs. The best way to do this is to raise healthy chickens. We have always firmly believed that happy birds lay the best eggs. One key part of this raising process is making sure the hens are fed right. We take a great deal of pride in curating the feeds that are eaten by the chickens at our farms. What they eat plays a very important role in the quality, consistency and nutritional content of the eggs they produce. 

Why Organic Chicken Feed?
All of our organic egg products come from hens who are fed purely organic diets made of non-GMO grains, seeds and proteins. We mill our own feed onsite at Southern California’s only dedicated organic poultry feed mill. This enables us to ensure the purity and quality of the organic feeds we send out to our farms. In addition, we produce a variety of different organic feeds for different nutritional purposes. 

Organic Omega-3 Soy-Free Corn-Free Eggs
One of our most popular product lines is our Organic Omega-3 Soy-Free Corn-Free Eggs. These are laid by hens who are fed a special soy-free, corn-free diet rich in flax seed. This grain is naturally high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is also known as alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), which is known to have positive health effects in humans. It is great for cardiovascular health. These eggs have the same brilliant-colored yolks and delicious taste as all our egg products but with more Omega-3 and no soy or corn. 

Why Soy-Free and Corn-Free?
Though soy is a good source of protein, it is not typically something most chickens would eat in the wild. Corn is something they like to eat, but it doesn’t offer the same nutritional value for egg-laying hens as other grains. Our organic soy-free and corn-free chicken feed offers all the natural nutrition our free-range hens need, along with boosted Omega-3 fatty acids. This special diet helps with vitamin E, selenium, iron and zinc levels in the birds, which translates into some truly delicious and nutritious eggs. 

We also understand some of our customers may have allergies relating to soy and corn products. Chino Valley Ranchers Organic Omega-3 Soy-Free Corn-Free Eggs provide an excellent alternative for people wanting to reduce their soy and corn consumption, while also looking for more Omega-3s. 

Other Benefits of Organic Omega-3 Soy-Free Corn-Free Eggs
Not only do our Organic Omega-3 Soy-Free Corn-Free Egg-laying hens have a specialized diet. They are raised free-range with plenty of sunshine and room for exercise and socialization. They are able to graze naturally for grains and proteins while getting the supplemental health benefits of our organic soy-free and corn-free feed. They lay beautiful brown eggs, with each one containing around 225 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids.

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