The Benefits of Eggs for Athletic Performance

Eggs are important in any athlete’s diet. One egg packs seven grams of complete protein and contains all of the eight essential amino acids required to build and maintain muscle. Plus, it tastes great! Continue reading to learn more about the benefits eggs can have on an athlete’s performance.

Optimal Nutrient Profile

Unless you’re closely watching your cholesterol intake, as an athlete, you shouldn’t be limited to just egg whites. In a typical egg yolk, you’ll find half the protein, antioxidants for eye and brain health and other crucial vitamins. But that’s not all – here are a few more nutritional aspects found in an egg:

  • B-vitamins: Eggs contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12, which are all essential for keeping us energized by converting food into fuel.
  • Choline: A large egg contains 250mg of choline, a vitamin-like essential nutrient that’s similar to B-vitamins and is sometimes used by athletes to delay fatigue in endurance sports.
  • Magnesium: This essential mineral is the building block of virtually any cell. It’s linked to improved intra-workout recovery and better-quality sleep.
  • Zinc: Healthy cell-division and metabolism depend on adequate amounts of zinc. It’s also essential for testosterone production, which aids in building lean muscle mass.

Post-Workout Performance

While many of these vitamins are crucial for athletic performance, adequate protein intake is equally as important. This is more apparent in the recovery period, which is up to two hours post-exercise. Consuming protein during exercise or the recovery period leads to increased whole body and muscle protein synthesis as well as improved nitrogen balance. According to the results of one study, athletes should aim to consume about 0.27g/kg body weight in high-quality protein sources – such as eggs – during the recovery period for optimal performance.

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