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Veg-a-Fed is a label consumers are starting to see more and more on eggs, including some produced here at Chino Valley Ranchers. The consumer demand is growing quickly, but you might be asking yourself, what exactly is a “Veg-a-Fed” egg?
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Does your typical lunch meal feel boring and plain? Are you looking to add some flavor into your lunch break? Then it’s time you try this delicious egg salad sandwich recipe! It’s tasty and is also a super simple way to enhance your usual lunchtime routine.
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Chino Valley Ranchers, a Southern California based producer of organic eggs located in Arcadia, offers a wide variety of eggs, which are all certified organic. This variety includes, Soy-free Organic, Organic, Omega-3, Organic DHA Omega-3, Veg-A-Fed, Veg-A-Fed Omega, Humane Harvest and Nutri-Fresh Fertile. Chino Valley Ranchers is one of a growing number of companies to...