3 Exquisite Egg Recipes From Chef Gordon Ramsay

There are so many different ways to cook with eggs, the possibilities are endless. But if you ask Chef Superstar Gordon Ramsay, he’ll likely say that eggs require a special approach. If you want to learn how to prepare eggs Ramsay-style, here are three mouthwatering recipes from Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook.

Gordon’s Breakfast Tacos

No need to wait until Taco Tuesday to enjoy Gordon’s Breakfast Tacos. The ingredients in this recipe include corn tortillas, eggs, green onions, serrano chilis, chorizo, bacon, crimini mushrooms, shallots, salsa verde, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, cilantro, pickled red onions, butter and crème fraîche.

Start by warming the corn tortillas in a pan. Next, chop the shallots, green onions and chili. Heat the pan and cook chorizo for one to two minutes. Toss in the shallots and chilis and season with salt and pepper. After one to two minutes, add chopped mushrooms, bacon and seasoning. 

While the ingredients are cooking in the pan, scramble four eggs in a bowl. Add butter to the egg mixture and transfer to the pan. Mix the eggs on and off the heat. Once all of the ingredients are fully cooked, add crème fraîche and remove from heat.

Place the egg mixture on the corn tortillas and top with cotija cheese, pickled red onion, scallions and the remaining eggs. Add salsa, cotija cheese and cilantro.

Check out the full recipe here.

North African Eggs

If you’re in the mood for some international flavor, then this North African Eggs recipe is just what you need. The recipe calls for olive oil, an onion, one red pepper, one green pepper, garlic cloves, one red chilli, cumin seeds, ripe tomatoes, eggs, sea salt, black pepper, coriander leaves, one spring onion and crusty bread.

Check out the full recipe here.

Cajun Style Breakfast Sandwich

A hearty breakfast sandwich is a great way to start the day. For this savory sandwich, you’ll need one croissant, one egg, ham, butter, seasoning, olive oil, romaine lettuce, three slices of tomato, one slice of cheddar cheese, salt, mayonnaise, hot sauce and lemon.

Check out the full recipe here.