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Pasture Raised

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These pasture raised eggs come exclusively from hens who enjoy the many benefits of sunshine, fresh air and water, and lots of room to roam on family farms. Our ladies forage as they please on seeds, bugs and green grass. All on dedicated pastureland with at least 108 sq ft for each bird. We also provide premium feed to ensure a complete and balanced diet.


Pasture Raised

Pasture Raised Organic

Pasture Raised Organic
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In order to be considered as an American Humane Certified™ Pasture (Pastured, Pasture-based, etc.) system, sites must meet the following requirements. Where access is provided, pasture areas:

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1.  Must be provided at a minimum rate of:
  • 2 ½ acres of pasture per every 1,000 hens (108.9 square feet per bird) total available acreage included in the specified rotation program
  • Of this total, at least one quarter (27.2 square feet per bird) must be available at any one time whenever birds have access to the exterior

2.  Must be provided with a substantial cover of living vegetation;

3.  Must have active management of damaged ground, including rotation and reseeding of ground to encourage regrowth of vegetation when the climate allows;

4.  Must provide drinking water in the outdoor area;

5.  Must have a perimeter that extends no more than 400 yards from the house or mobile shelter;

7.  Must provide access to a well-drained area for the hens to rest while outside; and

8.  Must provide partial overhead cover, either natural or manmade, and a sufficiently large shaded so that the hens using the exterior spaces are able to spread out to cool off.

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