Free Range & Fantastic

Nurti-Fresh Fertile

Our Nutri-Fresh Fertile eggs come from hens raised right along side roosters in a free roaming environment. The hens then produce fresh naturally fertilized eggs.

Hens and roosters alike can walk around, scratch in the sunlight and enjoy plenty of fresh air and water. They are fed a pure vegetarian diet of premium grains, seeds & meal.

Nutri-Fresh Fertile


Cage Free

Extra Large


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Three Size Options

Nutri Fresh Fertile Extra Large

Extra Large

Nutri Fresh Fertile Dark Yolk

Dark Yolk

Nutri Fresh Fertile Large


Better For Our Hens

Our hens enjoy the outdoors and all the benefits that come with the freedom to roam wild and free.

Better For Our Eggs

Healthy food, sunshine and exercise - what else could be better for a hen? That's why our eggs are flavorful and nutritious!

Better For You

Happier hens make higher quality eggs to support a healthier you. It's that simple.



Our Organic Omega-3 eggs come from hens raised in free roaming environments and fed a special organic diet that contains flax seed—a grain naturally high in Omega-3 fatty acids.


Pasture Raised

Our Organic Free-Range eggs come from hens that live on free-range farms and fed only the finest organic (non-GMO) grains & seeds from certified pesticide-free fields.