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Post-Workout Breakfast Recipes

I’ve been making egg white oatmeal for years! When I started eating healthier about 6 years ago, I found a blueberry stovetop oatmeal recipe on Pinterest with egg whites in it. I thought it sounded weird at first, but decided to give it a try…..and to this day I have been adding egg whites to my stove top oats! Not only do I add egg whites for extra protein, but they make the oats more filling and SO fluffy!!!

My stovetop egg white oats are SUPER easy to make and only takes minutes to assemble after coming home from the gym! The most important thing to remember with this recipe is when the oats are done cooking, either take them off the heat or lower the heat to low and add the egg whites in. When the egg whites are added, it’s important to stir or whisk them in super quick so you don’t end up with chunks of eggs in your oats! haha, no one wants that!

In this recipe, I used Chino Valley Ranchers Cage Free Egg Whites. They’re fat free, cholesterol free, and contain no additives or artificial ingredients.

French toast is also one of my favorite meals to have after a workout! It’s a breakfast classic so you wouldn’t think it would be healthy enough to have after the gym! Most french toast recipes have a ton of added sugar and very little nutritional value. My french toast recipe will satisfy those sweet breakfast cravings but also aide in muscle recovery after a workout. It’s one of my go-to post workout meals and it’s SO easy to make!

Since it’s summer and I’m loving all things coconut right now, I decided to change up my usual french toast recipe and put a spin on it by makeing toasted coconut french toast! It seriously tastes like a tropical treat! I also used my favorite Chino Valley Ranchers Pasture Raised Organic Eggs in this recipe! Let me know if you make it and be sure to tag me on Instagram– @becksliveshealthy 🙂 Enjoy!

This post originally appeared on Becky LaChance’s blog.