Our Hens Eat Healthy So You Can Too

At Chino Valley Ranchers, we believe that the key to producing healthy, organic eggs is simple: provide a healthy lifestyle for our birds. This is what truly sets Chino Valley Ranchers apart as a family-owned organic egg business. Our hens are provided with USDA certified organic feed and plenty of California sunshine.

It Starts with Our Feed
Chino Valley Ranchers offers specialized diets that lead to specific nutrients and organic options when it comes to our eggs. By doing so, our hens are able to enjoy healthier lives, which in turn produces better quality eggs.

“Being able to create good, quality food for people is really important,” said Chris Nichols, the third-generation leader of the family business that is Chino Valley Ranchers. “That makes me want to go into work every day. It’s something that I really care about.”

Whether it’s a soy-free or an omega-3 fatty-acid-rich diet, everything that goes into the feed is based on providing our hens with the best possible nutrition.

Specially Formulated Feed with Organic Ingredients
All feeds used at Chino Valley Ranchers are specially created with the health of the chickens as the most important factor. Each feed we create is made in our own mill to ensure the best quality.

“A good egg is what we put into it,” explains Chris. “The beauty about having our own mill is that we have control over what we put into our feed. By using different grains and different sources of protein, we can create a variety of diets for our birds, which then creates multiple types of eggs.”

The high-quality feed is then given to the chickens immediately. Their food is produced fresh in our local mill, which means they are getting food straight from the source rather than from feed mills somewhere else across the country that may be packed with unhealthy ingredients or preservatives. “We’re able to give our birds that fresh, quality feed that they need for fresh, nutritious eggs,” said Chris.

Healthy Hens Means Healthy Consumers
Transparency is very important to us because we know that matters when you are selecting organic egg products to buy. Chino Valley Ranchers is all about keeping our hens healthy so that you and your family can enjoy healthy eggs.

To learn more about the all-organic feed we provide our hens and the processes we use to ensure the best quality ingredients, check out our video here.