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Nutrient Found in Eggs Linked to Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

For years breast cancer has been among the top causes of death for women. Studies are now showing that eating eggs, and more specifically, egg yolks, are found to be associated with lower risk of breast cancer. Egg yolks are a significant source of choline, which has been found to be a significant nutritional factor in lowering the risk of breast cancer. The Nurses’ Health Study found that consumption of eggs during the teen years was positively associated with lower risk of breast cancer for the women on in to adulthood. A separate case-control study of women in China also found that egg consumption was associated with significantly lower risk of breast cancer. Additional findings in these studies led researchers to recommend eggs not be fried before consuming, and that eggs not be preserved or salted.

“Eggs are one of nature’s perfect, purest foods.” commented Chris Nichols, Vice President of Chino Valley Ranchers. “Eggs provide the nutrients for a bird to grow from an embryo to a fully developed chick, and those chicks come into the world ready to fight off a host of maladies. So while it is good news, it is not a surprise that yet another study finds additional benefits for eating eggs.”
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