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Feeling eggs-tra egg-cited about buying organic eggs? We think it’s exciting, too. Not only are Chino Valley Ranchers’ laying hens fed an all-organic feed, but they’re also given the freedom to take dust baths, eat other things that come naturally to them (such as bugs), and peck about in the sunshine. They’re never confined to...
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Eggs are usually p-egged as a breakfast food, but they boast more uses than just an omelet. They can be used both around the house and as part of a beauty care routine. So, whether you want a facial or you’re the crafty type, keep reading for some very unusual uses for organic eggs.
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Have you ever wondered why people use eggs in their hair and on their skin? It sounds really gross (and it kind of is!), but just as eggs offer amazing health benefits when eaten, they also offer many benefits for the skin. Below are some of the benefits of egg whites on the skin.
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When pregg-nant, eating the right foods is important for mom and baby. But there is so much conflicting information out there—should you avoid fish because of the mercury or eat it because of the omega 3’s? Is meat too fatty or should you eat it for the protein?
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Have you ever wondered why eggs are used in baking? Believe it or not, the answer is not so easy to whip up. Because eggs are so eggs-travagantly multi-faceted, there are many uses for our beloved incredible, edible egg. Organic egg recipes both sweet and savory are easy to make and even easier to eat....
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There’s no yolk about it—eggs are the perfect choice for breakfast. Whether preferred sunny side up, poached, boiled, baked, or scrambled, there’s a choice for everyone. Here is a delicious organic egg recipe: scrambled eggs. We know, we know. A recipe for scrambled eggs? Yes, believe it or not, there is a right and a...
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When our customers requested a soy-free organic egg, we began hatching a plan to feed our soy-free hens the best diet possible. With the help of our nutritionist, we scrambled up a blend of organic grains and seeds to replace the nutritional content of the soy. In addition, we added organic flaxseed to boost the...
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Chino Valley Ranchers is egg-cited to announce our latest product: Cartons of a half dozen soy-free and pastured eggs are now available in stores! That’s two egg-cellent options for our loyal customers! These new product offerings are perfect for single folks, small families, or those wanting to try different types of specialized eggs.
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Factory farms are problematic for many reasons. First and foremost, laying hens raised on factory farms spend their entire lives in a battery cage that is no bigger than a sheet of copy paper. They cannot flap their wings or really even move at all. Often times their feet get stuck to the wire floor...
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Imagine living in a place where you have unlimited access to sunshine and fresh air. Your butler brings you an organic meal cooked specifically for you three times per day. If you become hungry in between meals, there are plenty of nutritious, whole-food based snacks available for consumption. In between meals and snacking, you are...