Los Angeles Food Blogger Robin Plotnik Uses Chino Valley Ranchers Eggs in Healthy Quiche Recipe

Los Angeles food blogger, Robin Plotnik, recently featured a delicious potato crusted quiche recipe on her website and Instagram feed (@whatrobineats), using eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers, an egg producer, and distributor based in Southern California. 

“At Chino Valley Ranchers, our chickens are fed healthy diets and kept active in order to produce eggs that are both delicious and nutritious,” said Chris Nichols, co-owner of Chino Valley Ranchers. “We take pride in our eggs and it’s exciting to see our customers sharing wonderful ways to use them in a wide variety of excellent recipes.”

Plotnik shared the quiche recipe blog with her 27,000+ followers on Instagram and admits that this was the first quiche recipe she had ever tried. “I can proudly say that my first attempt at a quiche was a success!” said Plotnik.

The recipe uses thinly-sliced Yukon potatoes to replace a traditional pie crust, along with Chino Valley Ranchers’ egg whites as the primary ingredient for the filling. The recipe then calls for almond cream cheese, veggies, and uncured turkey bacon to be added to the dish.

As a certified nutritionist and personal trainer living in Los Angeles, Plotnik started her food and lifestyle blog as a way to share healthier living ideas with her followers. Her recipes are based on creative combinations of healthy ingredients that allow people to enjoy what they eat without the guilt.

For those looking for an easier alternative to egg whites, Chino Valley Ranchers offers 100% Liquid Egg Whites, which are completely pasteurized and ready to use right out of the carton. This product is available at Mother’s Market, Sprouts, and other various grocery stores.

Take a look at Plotnik’s Perfect Potato Crusted Quiche recipe here.

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