It’s No Yolk: Kevin Bacon Knows Eggs

Bacon and eggs complement each other perfectly, right? Which is why the American Egg Board recently announced that actor Kevin Bacon is the new face of our favorite source of protein. Hopefully with his help, we can encourage more people to make eggs a regular part of their meals!

Here are a few of the reasons Kevin Bacon is perfect for this role.

• His last name is Bacon. Duh. Eggs and Bacon create a delicious breakfast, everyone knows that. So who better to represent eggs than Mr. Bacon himself? “With a last name like Bacon, I’m the obvious choice, and I’m excited to be a part of the new Incredible Edible Egg campaign,” Bacon said in a released statement.

• He is used to the puns. With the last name Bacon, he knows the best jokes and puns to use for this advertising campaign. Despite having been famous for years, no one has used his last name for advertising before. The company’s slogan is, accurately, “Wake Up to Eggs with Bacon.” Though, jokingly, he discusses his hatred of puns in the commercial.

• He has the eggs-pertise. “I like the creativity behind the idea, and I’ve always been a big fan of eggs,” said Bacon. As a long-time fan and consumer of eggs, he knows that eggs are not as unhealthy as they have been painted for the last few years. Alongside the American Egg Board, Bacon is looking to aid in debunking that myth.

• He wants to promote health. He knows the promotion of eggs will lead to a promotion of American health. Eggs have a bad reputation for high cholesterol, but recent studies are finding that egg consumption on a moderate scale will not contribute to high cholesterol.

Kevin Bacon is not the only eggs-pert in eggs, though. At Chino Valley Ranchers, we take pride in our knowledge and production of organic eggs. If you have any questions about our eggs, give us a call today!