How to Make The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Your breakfast sandwich can be as delicious or as boring as you’d like it to be — it’s all up to you. If, however, you want a few simple tips on how to make a breakfast sandwich that will hit the spot each time, then here’s what you need to do.

  • Mind the balance.

If you’re using a croissant, then you’ve got to be careful not to overload this delicate type of bread. For one croissant sandwich, stick to two scrambled eggs, one slice of ham, one slice of cheese, salt and pepper, and some hot sauce (if you’d like). The key is to keep the ratio of bread to filling at fifty-fifty with each bite.

  • Toast the croissant.

You can toast a croissant using a stove top grill, oven, or toaster oven. If using a toaster or oven, slice the croissant after you’ve heated it up — not before. Don’t use a microwave, or you’ll end up with rubber instead of a toasted croissant.

  • Properly beat and treat the eggs.

Crack the eggs into a separate bowl and use a whisk or fork to blend the yolks and whites together. If you use Chino Valley Ranchers pasture raised eggs, you’ll get a bright orange color that will make your breakfast sandwich even more visually appealing — and nutritious!

Season with salt and pepper after the eggs are in the pan, that way you won’t over season.

  • Go low and slow.

Use a non-stick pan over low to medium heat to fry your eggs. Add a slice of butter and a bit of olive oil to prevent the butter from burning and to add some flavor. Drop in the eggs and stir slowly and constantly until you see curds forming. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and continue to cook until the eggs reach your desired texture.

  • Assemble your creation.

Build your sandwich by placing a thin slice of ham, then the eggs, and then a slice of cheese. If you want your breakfast sandwich to have a kick, add some hot sauce — Tabasco or Sriracha, up to you.

  • Enjoy!

Last but not least, don’t let the sandwich cool down — savor each bite!