How to Make Perfectly, Fluffy Scrambled Eggs.

Whether you like them mixed with cheese or enjoy them in a breakfast burrito, scrambled eggs make a great and hearty breakfast option. While it is a simple dish to make, cooking perfect scrambled eggs requires a few basic techniques. That’s why we at Chino Valley Ranchers have decided to share some tips for turning your scrambled eggs from edible to incredible. Read on to learn more!

1. Start with organic eggs.
At Chino Valley Ranchers, we think that all food should be locally sourced and organic, especially when a recipe has only one or two ingredients. Because we provide our hens with pure organic feed and access to free range farms, you can ensure that our eggs will taste great in any scrambled egg recipe.

2. Add air.
One of the most important elements to perfectly scrambled eggs is air. That’s right – air. The more air that you can whisk into your eggs, the fluffier and fuller they will turn out when scrambled. But, avoid overbeating your eggs. You’ll know that your eggs are perfectly whisked when the mixture is evenly colored and frothy.

 3. Low and slow.
When it comes to cooking your eggs, mind the heat. The general rule is to scramble your eggs low and slow rather than hot and fast. Specifically, keep your stove at medium-low temperature. If the heat is too high, the eggs will be dry and tough; too low and they just won’t cook well.

4. Mind the spices.
Many people like to add salt, pepper, herbs and other spices prior to scrambling. Consider waiting until after your eggs are cooked to add additional ingredients. This will keep from over-seasoning your eggs. Plus, a properly scrambled egg won’t need too many spices to enhance it!

Though there’s no wrong way to scramble eggs, there is a tastier way. The next time you get crackin’, remember these tips!

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