How to Incorporate Hard-Boiled Eggs Into Every Meal

When you think of an egg, specifically a hard-boiled egg, it’s typically paired with toast or some other breakfast food. But we at Chino Valley Ranchers know that a hard-boiled egg goes well with many different dishes that are served at all times of the day. Here’s how to incorporate a hard-boiled egg into breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Who doesn’t love a good hard-boiled egg in the morning? Besides the classic toast and eggs combination, a hard-boiled egg goes great on a breakfast sandwich. All it takes are a few easy steps to create this yummy meal: Start off by toasting an English muffin. Then place the hard-boiled egg on top along with some other ingredients like tomatoes, cheese and avocado. If you want to spice it up, add sriracha sauce for some extra flavor.


Add some protein to your lunch by incorporating hard-boiled eggs into a delicious side of egg salad. Mix the hard-boiled eggs with some fresh lettuce, mayonnaise, minced onion, lemon juice, celery and some salt and pepper to create the perfect egg salad for lunch.


If you’re looking to add some eggs-ellent flavor to your dinner pasta, take a hard-boiled egg and grate it on top of the dinner dish. It’s a great way to decorate the plate along with bring some extra flavor to the meal. Plus, if you accidentally made too many hard-boiled eggs for breakfast or lunch, this is a light and easy way to finish up that unused batch of eggs.

These are all awesome and different ways to add a yummy hard-boiled egg to your diet. But in order for these dishes to taste so delicious, you have to use fresh eggs. Chino Valley Ranchers always has the freshest and best-tasting eggs out there. Contact us today for more information about our eggs!