How to Choose The Best Frying Pan

A good frying pan can help the most inexperienced of cooks create delicious meals. But a poor frying pan can turn every meal into a disaster. To find a frying pan that will serve you well, here are a few factors to consider.


Frying pans can be made with stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, carbon steel, and copper. Frying pans can also be made with clay and stone, and have non-stick surfaces. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, so it’s important to consider what’s important to you before making a purchase. 

For example, stainless steel pans are easy to clean but don’t conduct heat very well. To address this, most cookware companies add copper or aluminum to stainless steel products.

Health factor

When shopping for a frying pan, make sure it’s PFOA-free, BPA free, and PTFE free. Avoid frying pans that have coatings made of unusual chemicals.

A few safe options include stainless steel, regular non-stick, hard-anodized aluminum, and seasoned cast iron.


Frying pans come in a variety of sizes. Smaller pans are great for frying eggs, while larger ones are designed for making skillet recipes and stir fry meals.

Make sure the bottom of the frying pan isn’t bigger than the space of one stove burner to support heat transfer and minimize energy waste.

Handle and grip

A frying pan is no good if the handle is poorly attached or doesn’t have a solid grip. Avoid frying pans that have handles attached with a few small screws and choose one that is sturdy and stays cool to the touch during cooking. Depending on your budget, find a frying pan that heats evenly, is easy to lift, and built to last.


Not all frying pans are dishwasher safe and oven-safe. Decide how you want to use the frying pan (strictly for stovetop cooking or baking as well) before making a purchase. Generally, oven-safe frying pans are dishwasher-safe. To lengthen the life of your frying pan, it’s best to wash by hand and avoid the dishwasher.

Top Rated Frying Pans

If you’re looking for the best frying pans on the market, a few options to consider are:

  • GreenPan Reserve Nonstick Frying Pan

  • Butter Pat Joan Cast Iron Skillet

  • Tramontina 80131/066DS Cast-Iron Frying Pan

  • Le Creuset Poele Stainless Steel Frying Pan

  • De Buyer Mineral B French Collection 5670P Carbon Steel Frying Pan

  •  Brooklyn Copper Sauté Frying Pan