How to Afford Eating Organic

There are many benefits attached to eating organic food. If talking about eggs specifically, organic eggs tend to come from healthier hens that have access to the outdoors. This helps produce eggs that have more vitamins and nutrients over your conventional egg.

However, some say that a drawback to purchasing organic foods in general is the price tag. But this shouldn’t stop you from buying organic foods! Chino Valley Ranchers has compiled some tips on how to afford organic foods while living on a budget.

1. Do your research.

Save before you even leave the house! Remember that not all stores are equal, so hop online and research each stores’ different prices. Some sell the same product for varying amounts, so save yourself some money and research the costs before you leave.
Also, many stores run promotions or offer coupons, which are available online or in print adds. Using coupons can definitely save you money when buying your organic foods.

2. Buy in bulk.

When you buy individual packages of food, you are basically paying for the packaging of the product. But if you buy in bulk, you’re only paying for the food, not the packaging. It might not be as pretty, but it will definitely be the most cost-effective solution.

3. Eat with the season.

While we’d all love to eat strawberries and watermelon year-round, the price of organic foods goes up tremendously during their off seasons. This is because they have to fly halfway around the world from a place where the food is actually in season. So eat these organic foods when they are in season locally and save some money at the same time!

4. Buy organic frozen foods.

Another way to save money on your organic food-shopping trip is by purchasing food frozen. Frozen fish or blackberries tend to be the cheaper option and by doing this, you’re able to eat organically but not break the bank while doing so.

While there are many different brands and types of food that are organic, there is really only one great option for buying organic eggs, and that’s Chino Valley Ranchers. Our eggs are always fresh and taste great. Try some of our eggs today!