How Eggs Are Prepared Around the World

Preparing eggs seems pretty basic. You either boil them, fry them or cook them. Simple. But you’d be surprised to learn about how eggs around the world have been taken to the next level. Read on to have your “egg-spectations” blown. 

Mexico – Huevos Rancheros

This one you’re probably most familiar with. The recipe calls for fried eggs, tomato-chile sauce, and a side of rice and beans, atop a corn tortilla. “Rancher’s eggs” are the staple breakfast of farmers in Mexico, but feel free to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Japan – Onsen Tamago and Tamagoyaki

Onsen Tamago is a dish prepared by slow-cooking an egg (in its shell) on a low temperature until the yolk becomes custard-like. The shell is then removed and the egg is served with soy sauce and broth.

Tamagoyaki is basically layers of cooked, rolled egg prepared in a rectangular pan. The finished Tamgoyaki has a slight sweet taste. 

Tunisia – Brik eggs

Wrap onion, tuna, harissa, parsley and a whole egg with a thin sheet of triangle-shaped pastry. Deep fry and then garnish with capers and cheese. 

UK – Scotch eggs

Wrap a hard-boiled egg in sausage and top with bread crumbs. You can then deep fry or bake it. 

Sri Lanka – Egg hopper

This street food is prepared by cooking eggs and then serving them in a pancake bowl made of rice flour and coconut milk. 

Greece – Avgolemono Soup

The ingredients of this Greek dish include chicken broth, whisked eggs, rice and lemon juice. The soup can also be served with shredded chicken and topped with fresh dill. 

China – Century egg

These eggs take a few minutes to prepare, but need to be preserved for a few weeks. Century eggs are preserved in a mixture of salt, clay, quicklime, rice hulls and ash. You can use chicken, duck or quail eggs. After a few weeks, the egg yolk turns a dark green and the egg white turns amber. 

Israel – Shakshuka

The soup-like dish is made with poached eggs and a red sauce consisting of onions, tomatoes, chili peppers and spices. 

France – Eggs en Cocotte

Eggs are baked in a small, glazed ceramic bowl called a ramekin. Rub the ramekin with olive oil or butter and sprinkle the egg with salt and pepper. 

Turkey – Menemen

Menemen has a base of scrambled eggs, but also includes green peppers, tomatoes, thyme and red pepper flakes. The dish is cooked in olive oil or sunflower oil.