How Do You Eat Eggs If You Have a Soy Allergy? Buy Soy Free Eggs!

Are you trying to reduce the amount of soy in your diet? Like many Americans, you may be allergic to soy, but escaping its presence can be nearly impossible, and oftentimes quite unpleasant when the foods you want to eat upset your stomach. Many people experience allergic reactions to eggs, however it may not be the egg in itself that is responsible. It’s the soy within the yolk that comes from a hen’s soy-based diet.

Soy has become a popular ingredient in animal feed because it is a cheap protein that promotes quick growth and efficient egg production. While it may be cost efficient, it is not the healthiest option according to some researchers. It is genetically modified in the U.S., which has all kinds of implications, and many people have found they suffer allergic reactions as a result.

In response to popular request, Chino Valley Ranchers set out to find a way to produce eggs that were soy free but still nutrient rich. Soy encompasses a significant part of a hen’s diet, but we knew there had to be a way to keep diets soy-free while still allowing our customers to enjoy the many culinary pleasures of eggs. Today we’re excited to sell our soy free organic eggs.

We worked with our experienced nutritionist to formulate a feed that is nutritional but included no soy. A combination of organic grains and seeds, with a boost of organic flaxseed to increase omega-3 fatty acids, comprises our balanced and nutrient-dense feed. To confirm the eggs were totally free of soy we sent them to a lab for testing. The results proved there was no trace of soy in the egg.

Being soy free will no longer stand in your way of experiencing delicious eggs. Our soy free eggs do not suffer in taste. They are just as delicious as our regular organic omega-3 eggs, just without the soy protein.

For information on where to you can find soy free eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers, please call (800) 354-4503 or email