Hop into Easter by Recycling Your Eggshells

Easter is around the corner and a lot of families love to continue the timeless tradition of hard-boiling eggs, decorating and hiding them for the kids to find on Easter morning. Whether you are using Chino Valley Ranchers eggs for Easter festivities or just eating them for a healthy breakfast, make sure to save those eggshells! They can be recycled and used for many great purposes around the home.

Here are five ways to recycle your Easter eggshells:

Calcium-Enriched Water – Soak eggshells in water or use the cooled-down water from your hard-boiled eggs to water plants. The water will be enriched with calcium, which is a great micronutrient for plants.

Make Your Own Chalk – Another fun Easter activity is to mix flour, hot water and eggshell powder into a paste. Add food coloring if you wish to give it color, then press the paste into a mold to make homemade chalk sticks for the kids.

Remove Tea and Coffee Stains – Mix eggshells with hot water and let the solution sit on stubborn coffee and tea stains overnight. The calcium-infused water will act as a great way to remove difficult stains from counters and tables.

Nutrient-Dense Compost – Place eggshells in compost and they will provide more nutrients when the compost is reused for planting.

Decorations – Used eggshells can make for fun little seedling planters or all types of art and sculptures. Have fun and be creative rather than just throwing the shells out.

These are just a few ways you can effectively recycle your Easter eggshells or any eggshells you have throughout the year. It’s good for the environment to reuse and repurpose as much as possible, and some of these projects can be fun for the whole family.

To learn more about our organic, cage free eggs and other uses for your eggshells, contact Chino Valley Ranchers today.