Health Guru, Nataly, Features Chino Valley Ranchers’ Soy-Free Organic Eggs in Turmeric Egg Recipe

Chino Valley Ranchers, an egg producer, and distributor in Southern California, recently had their Organic Omega-3 Soy-Free Eggs featured in a recipe posted on fitness enthusiast, Nataly Perez’s Instagram feed (@fitnhealthy_).

“Organic Omega-3 Soy-Free Eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers are the perfect solution when you want a delicious egg that is full of nutrients,” said Chris Nichols, co-owner of Chino Valley Ranchers. “Our chickens are fed high-quality feed that contains zero soy and includes flax seed, which is a grain naturally high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.”

In her recipe, Perez shares her approach to creating perfectly poached eggs using Chino Valley Ranchers’ Organic Omega-3 Soy Free Eggs. Her recipe includes adding turmeric powder to a pot of boiling water prior to poaching. The result? Brightly colored and nutritious poached eggs, perfect for coupling with any breakfast items. “I love pairing the eggs with sprouted toast and arugula tossed in olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, and avocado,” said Perez.

As a fitness and health guru, Perez is committed to presenting daily, healthy recipes to her 42,000+ followers on Instagram. She’s a believer in supporting local and sustainable businesses, which is why she’s an avid Chino Valley Ranchers’ egg user. “They’re the only eggs I buy now,” said Perez. “I love that they’re local and fresh.”

To learn more about Perez’s turmeric poached egg technique, check out her recipe here. For more information on Chino Valley Ranchers and their egg products including Organic Omega-3 Soy Free Eggs, contact us here.