Having a Salad? Add an Egg to Increase Your Vitamin E Intake

Eating a meal that includes Chino Valley Ranchers’ eggs is a great way to ensure that you are getting a good balance of protein in your diet. With up to seven grams of protein per egg, you will feel full and recharged by simply eating one by itself! But researchers are finding that eggs aren’t just useful for their protein benefits – they also help influence how other nutrients are absorbed in your body.

A study recently completed at Purdue University looked at the effects of dietary fats on the absorption of vitamin E. Vitamin E has been dubbed as a “super-vitamin” due to its ability to treat and prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, diseases of the nervous system and pregnancy complications. It is also known for its ability to help hair and skin look and shine its brightest. Vegetables like spinach and broccoli and nuts like almonds and pine nuts are great sources of vitamin E.

The researchers found that vitamin E can be more easily absorbed if they are eaten with cooked eggs. Why? Vitamin E is fat-soluble, which means it is readily absorbed in the presence of fat. Since egg yolks naturally contain dietary fats, they have a strong influence on the uptake of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin E. So, the next time you have a salad, don’t forget to fry up a Chino Valley Ranchers egg!

Studies like this one really illustrate the importance of a balanced and mixed meal. By incorporating different types of foods into your diet, your body will benefit from various nutrients and be able to work more efficiently.

We at Chino Valley Ranchers want to make sure that you have a healthy and well-balanced diet. Providing our customers with nutrient-dense egg products is important to us. It’s one of the reasons why we only use organic, quality grains to feed our hens. To learn more about Chino Valley Ranchers’ eggs and where to find them, contact us today!