French-Style Scrambled Eggs: How They’re Different

Just when you thought you knew everything about making scrambled eggs, you discover the French have their own approach. If you’re curious, here’s how French-style scrambled eggs are different from your traditional scrambled egg recipe.

The French Approach

To make French scrambled eggs, pour beaten eggs and a slice of butter into a cold saucepan and set it on low heat. Then, begin whisking the eggs to break up the curds as soon as they form. Whisking the eggs as they cook will make them less fluffy because the air bubbles that form while the egg is cooking are repeatedly broken and disturbed. The low heat also reduces flufliness, because the water vapor and gas in the eggs doesn’t expand as much as it would under high heat.

As the eggs cook, they form a custard texture that is thick and smooth. This method definitely requires more patience and time, but the final result is creamy deliciousness well worth the wait! The French enjoy these scrambled eggs atop brioche toast or a baguette, with caviar or lobster.

French Scrambled Eggs Recipe

To make this recipe, you’ll need six large Chino Valley Ranchers eggs, ¼ teaspoon salt, two tablespoons unsalted butter, four tablespoons cream or milk, and freshly ground white or black pepper. For the best texture, flavor, and a bright color, use Chino Valley Ranchers pasture raised eggs. Pasture raised hens enjoy the outdoors and feed on bugs, worms, grass, and seeds for a wholesome diet. Hens are free to roam, making them happier, healthier, and better producers of nutritious eggs.

Begin by combining eggs, salt, butter, and milk or cream in a small saucepan. Set over low heat and whisk continuously until the eggs have thickened to a custard-like consistency. This should take about five to 10 minutes. Then, remove from heat and season with pepper.

Pair the eggs with caviar, salmon roe, cured salmon, bacon, or truffle, and serve with fresh herbs, such as dill or chives. Serve on your favorite bread and enjoy while still hot!