Four Egg-ceptional Reasons Why Eggs Are Good for You

Here at Chino Valley Ranchers, we strive to bring you a line of nutritious egg products – from our farm to your home. We know how important it is to have a well-balanced diet, so we’ve put together a list of why eggs should earn a permanent spot in your fridge. Read on to learn four egg-ceptional reasons for why eggs are good for you!

1. Packed with protein
Eggs are a very good – and inexpensive – source of high-quality protein. Most of the protein resides in the egg white, along with other vitamins and minerals. The body breaks down protein into either essential amino acids or non-essential amino acids; which is protein you need from your diet or protein that your body makes, respectively. Eggs are considered a ‘complete’ source of protein since one serving contains all eight essential amino acids.

2. Your brain loves it
There are several nutrients contained in eggs that promote brain health. One of these is choline, which is a protein that’s important for brain development. Most Americans don’t get enough choline in their diets, but this nutrient is especially important during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Make sure that if you are eating eggs during pregnancy, your eggs are fully cooked!

3. High in antioxidants
In short, antioxidants help rid your body of harmful free radicals. Over time, an abundance of free radicals in the body can cause damage to cells and lead to major problems, such as heart disease. Eggs are rich in two major antioxidants, which are specifically useful for protecting areas in your eye.

4. Feel fuller for longer
Have you ever noticed how full you feel after eating an omelet? Eggs are known to have a high satiety index, which means that they make you feel fuller longer. They also contain small amounts of carbohydrates, which aid in the satiety factor but also limit the spike in your blood glucose levels. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, adding eggs into your diet may help!

Whether you like your eggs hard-boiled or made into an omelet, there’s no denying that you’re getting a nutrient-packed meal! Chino Valley Ranchers has a unique line of egg products, ranging from liquid egg whites to omega-3 soy free eggs. For more information about our products, please contact us today!