Food Blogger Shares a Healthy Breakfast Taco Recipe Using Chino Valley Ranchers’ Eggs

At Chino Valley Ranchers, we’re all about using fresh, wholesome ingredients to fuel your body. That’s why we are committed to providing nutritious, top-quality feed for our chickens. First, it helps keep our chickens healthy, active and content. Equally important, it has a direct effect on the quality and nutritional value of Chino Valley Ranchers eggs.

When it comes to breakfast, most of us know how hard it can be to put together a healthy and tasty meal. Food blogger, Natalie Brown (@littlecoconutty), can relate: “If you are anything like me, you are too tired to be creative and just scramble up some eggs!

As a firm believer in wholesome cooking, Natalie understands the importance of using fresh, whole ingredients to fuel your body. The Utah-based blogger is passionate about healthy eating and has made it a mission to share her love for nutrition through her recipes. In her recent blog post, Natalie whips up a delicious breakfast taco made from a healthy combination of veggies, meat and – you guessed it – Chino Valley Ranchers eggs!

In her recipe, Natalie shows how to create a simple yet healthy breakfast out of just a few ingredients. Even better, the recipe can be made from whole Chino Valley Ranchers eggs or our 100% Liquid Egg Whites. Natalie explained how she loves our egg whites because “you don’t have to worry about eating raw egg since it’s been pasteurized.” You can check out Natalie’s Healthy Breakfast Taco recipe and video here.

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