Food Blogger Praises Chino Valley Ranchers Cage-Free Organic Eggs

Justine Okajima (@justine.eats) is a popular Instagrammer who shares pictures and stories about what she eats. She looks for healthy, delicious and creative recipes that she can share with her followers. Many of her dishes use eggs as a primary ingredient, and she often highlights her use of Chino Valley Ranchers organic free-range eggs.

One of Justine’s recent Instagram posts was two types of toast that she enjoys, one savory and one sweet. For her savory option, she featured a piece of avocado toast topped with a fried Chino Valley Ranchers egg.

“I topped my avocado toast with a @chinovalleyranchers organic egg!” Justine writes. “ I am obsessed with this company’s mission statement because they believe in producing the finest/highest quality eggs at the best price, treating their hens with kindness and respect through personalized care, and putting back into the earth what they take out of it.”

Chino Valley Ranchers has an all-organic approach to raising hens in cage-free environments and providing them with only 100% organic feeds formulated specially for their health. Healthier and happier chickens lay better eggs that taste fantastic and are full of beneficial nutrients. Justine regularly features Chino Valley Ranchers organic eggs in her Instagram posts because she loves the taste and she respects everything this company stands for.

“I am someone who really cares about where my food and products are coming from!” Justine adds. “You can find out more about them on their website! Also, side note, they taste amazing!”

To view Justine’s full Instagram post, click here.

Justine is right. To learn more about Chino Valley Ranchers, our cage-free and organic farms, and to find stores near you that carry Chino Valley Ranchers eggs and egg products, visit their website at or call (800) 354-4503.