Food Blogger, Courtnie Hamel, Shares 5 Ways to Prepare Chino Valley Ranchers’ Organic Free Range Eggs

Courtnie Hamel, a Southern California native and food blogger, recently shared her favorite ways of preparing Chino Valley Ranchers’ Organic Free Range Eggs and Egg Whites on her Instagram page (@wellnesswithcourtnie).

Chino Valley Ranchers was the first to pioneer the organic egg concept back in the 1950s. Today, they are now one of the leading providers of organic eggs in the country. “We’re going on almost 30 years of cage-free eggs,” said Chris Nichols, co-owner of Chino Valley Ranchers. “We take pride in our eggs and it’s exciting to see our customers sharing wonderful ways to use them in a wide variety of excellent recipes.”

In her blog, Hamel walks her readers through her favorite techniques for making eggs. From scrambled to poached, Hamel’s guide to “Eggs 5 Ways” shows how easy it is to prepare eggs using Chino Valley Ranchers’ Organic Free Range Eggs. “Eggs are one of the most versatile foods ever!” She said. “Depending on how you cook them, they can take on many different textures and flavors.” Hamel ends her guide with a five-step egg white omelet recipe as a “perfect breakfast for a busy day ahead.”

Courtnie is a long-time health enthusiast, recipe developer and yoga teacher based in Southern California. She started her health journey over a decade ago and believes that clean eating is a powerful antidote to a healthy lifestyle. You can read more about her wellness journey and healthy recipes on her blog,

Chino Valley Ranchers’ egg products are available at Mother’s Market, Sprouts and other various grocery stores. To learn more about Chino Valley Ranchers’ high quality, healthy eggs, contact us at (800) 354-4503!