Fitness Trainer Gets Daily Protein Dose from Drinking Chino Valley Ranchers’ Liquid Egg Whites

Alex Bukalo, an ACE-certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, recently shared how he gets his protein for the day using Chino Valley Ranchers’ Cage Free Liquid Egg Whites. He shared his unique method with a video link on his Instagram feed (@alexbukalofitness.)

Chino Valley Ranchers, one of Southern California’s largest egg producers and distributors, have been producing high-quality eggs since their business began in the 1950s. The company was one of the first to adopt the organic egg concept and has become one of the leading organic egg providers in the country. Since their inception, Chino Valley Ranchers’ has produced various products to cater to every type of egg-lover.

For Alex Bukalo, getting enough protein in his diet was a daily challenge. He knew how much he needed to consume but was never hungry enough to load up his plate. In a lightbulb moment, he mixed chocolate powder with Chino Valley Ranchers’ Cage Free Liquid Egg Whites. “The mixture was as delicious as brownie batter,” said Bukalo. “I decided to cut out the carbs and try straight egg whites and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Bukalo has been offering up health and fitness advice and professional training on his website ever since he started pursuing being an independent trainer. He first began as a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness and moved into the pursuit of helping others with their own fitness journey. He’s passionate about helping people from every different walk of life reach their health and fitness goals.

If you want to load up on your proteins or are simply looking for great eggs for a recipe, Chino Valley Ranchers has you covered. Their Cage Free Liquid Egg Whites and other products are available at Mother’s Market, Sprouts and other various grocery stores.