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Fitness Influencer, Nataly, Features Chino Valley Ranchers’ Organic Eggs in Delicious French Toast Recipe

Chino Valley Ranchers, an egg producer and distributor in Southern California, recently had their Organic Pasture Raised Eggs featured in a recipe posted on fitness enthusiast, Nataly Perez’s Instagram feed (@fitnhealthy_).

“A good egg is what you put into it,” said Chris Nichols, co-owner of Chino Valley Ranchers. “We offer specialized diets that lead to specific nutrients and organic options. By doing so, our hens are able to enjoy healthier lives, which in turn produces better quality eggs.”

In her recipe, Perez uses Chino Valley Ranchers’ Organic Pasture Raised Eggs to give her French toast extra nutrition and flavor. Her recipe calls for two Chino Valley Ranchers’ Organic Pasture Raised Eggs, adding 12 grams of protein, 500 milligrams of choline and 9 essential amino acids to the overall mix. The final product is two pieces of French toast, made with a delicious combination of bee pollen, nectarines, cinnamon and ricotta cheese. “Totally wishing I could enjoy this French toast all over again,” said Perez. “Boy, were they delicious!”

Perez has committed her life to health and fitness, presenting a new healthy recipe and words of encouragement to her fan base of more than 42,000 followers. As a proud Californian herself, Perez is a believer in buying her eggs from local and sustainable businesses like Chino Valley Ranchers. “They’re the only eggs I buy now,” said Perez. “I love that they’re local and fresh!”

To make Perez’s delicious French toast, check out her recipe here. For more information on Chino Valley Ranchers and all of their organic egg products, contact them here!