Demand Continues To Grow For Chino Valley Ranchers’ Organically Raised Soy Free Egg

Chino Valley Ranchers, a Southern California based producer of organic eggs located in Arcadia, has seen increased demand for its new soy free egg variety throughout California. The soy free egg offers a new dietary option for those who suffer from soy allergies. The egg is produced using free range chickens raised on a specially formulated diet, which uses a mix of organic grains and seeds to replace the nutritional content the soy provides for the hens. Additionally, the soy free eggs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients. Chino Valley Ranchers’ soy free egg is currently available throughout California, Arizona and Nevada, and soon will hit store shelves soon in Oregon.
Regarding the soy free egg, Chino Valley Ranchers President Steve Nichols said, “The soy free egg has had a great response from customers, as there are many families out there who deal with food allergies,” Nichols continued, “Our soy free egg is a great way for them to avoid those symptoms and to add a great tasting, low-fat source of protein back into their diet.”
Chino Valley Ranchers is a family owned and operated company located in Arcadia, CA and has been producing quality, organic eggs for over 50 years. During this time, the company has constantly improved its ability to achieve the highest quality organic and cage free eggs for its customers. Chino Valley Ranchers offers many egg varieties, including organic, soy free organic, organic omega-3, organic DHA Omega-3, Veg-a-Fed, Veg-a-Fed Omega-3, Humane Harvest and Nutri-Fresh Fertile eggs. More information about Chino Valley Ranchers can be found on its corporate website at or by calling 1.800.354.4503.