Chino Valley Ranchers Share 30-Year Story of Producing Organic Free-Range Eggs

Chino Valley Ranchers’ California Organic: The Natural Choice video shares the history of a third-generation owned and operated family business based in Colton, CA, dedicated to producing organic and free-range eggs. Chino Valley Ranchers is proud to be a pioneer of safe, organic, and free-range farming methods. Today, their eggs are packed in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging at their state of the art processing facility, powered by onsite natural gas turbines and water reclamation for reuse on the landscaping.

The Chino Valley Ranchers family business was started in the early 1950s by Charles Burton Nichols. Using a family truck, Nichols delivered fresh eggs produced by local Southern California farmers to nearby grocery stores. In 1959, Chino Valley Ranchers started producing their own eggs and developing methods to provide better care for their birds.

By the mid 1990s, Chino Valley Ranchers eggs were not only free-range, but also organic — years before the start of the current USDA program. Today, Chino Valley Ranchers facilities have open-sided buildings, allowing the chickens to roam freely and enjoy the abundant California sunshine.

Chris Nichols, Vice President of Chino Valley Ranchers, says, “For us, the meaning of ‘organic’ goes beyond the standards set forth by certifying associations. ‘Organic’ is the way we’ve been operating for generations. It’s in the DNA of our business.”

Chino Valley Ranchers continues to expand by partnering with small independent farms located throughout the United States. Each farm follows the same, high quality standards of bird care as the Colton, CA facility.

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