Chino Valley Ranchers Organic Free-Range Eggs Featured in Recipe by One Crazed Foodie

Chino Valley Ranchers organic, free range eggs were recently featured in an Instagram post by Athlete and Foodie Emma Abrahamson on her profile @onecrazedfoodie, which has over 30,000 followers.

In the Instagram post, Emma writes, “I’ve been obsessed with this combo lately – seeduction bread topped with organic soft scrambled @chinovalleyranchers eggs. When I’m feeling fancy like today, I love to add fresh basil – literally brings the flavor to the NEXT LEVEL! Once I soft scrambled the organic @chinovalleyranchers eggs for the first time, my life was changed. Seriously so good – quality you can taste.” 

Speaking about Emma’s recipe, Vice President of Chino Valley Ranchers Chris Nichols says, “The toast with Chino Valley Ranchers soft scrambled eggs looks scandalously delicious and healthy. I look forward to making the toast at home!”

Chino Valley Ranchers hens are fed organic feed and have access to fresh air and sunlight on a daily basis, weather permitting. In addition, hens do not consume antibiotics, growth hormones, or any animal by-products. Chino Valley Ranchers is committed to organic and the highest level of quality, ensuring the nutritious value of each egg produced.

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