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Chino Valley Ranchers Offers a Wide Variety of Organic Eggs and Soy Free Eggs; New Research Highlights the Multiple Health Benefits of Eggs

Chino Valley Ranchers, a Southern California based producer of organic eggs located in Arcadia, offers a wide variety of eggs, which are all certified organic. This variety includes, Soy-free Organic, Organic, Omega-3, Organic DHA Omega-3, Veg-A-Fed, Veg-A-Fed Omega, Humane Harvest and Nutri-Fresh Fertile. Chino Valley Ranchers is one of a growing number of companies to focus on organic methods in producing eggs.
New studies are citing more and more of the health benefits of eggs. Gone are the days when eggs were thought to contain excess cholesterol and were to be avoided. Studies have since shown dietary cholesterol doesn’t elevate blood cholesterol as has been previously reported. Dr. Tanya Zuckerbrot was quoted in an interview with Fox, “…while one whole egg contains about 240 mg of cholesterol and 8 percent of your daily allowance for saturated fat…the American Heart Association says you can eat up to four egg yolks per week. In my practice I tell patients they can use egg whites as their source of protein for all meals if they want.” Some of the lesser known, yet important health benefits of eggs include enhanced memory, sharper vision and stronger bones. Eggs also contain a series of amino acids needed to build keratins, which have been found to help keep skin and hair healthy.

Chino Valley Ranchers President Steve Nichols talked about the study, “It has taken years to get the word out about the health benefits of eggs and to dispel myths about their impact on cholesterol levels.” Nichols continued, “Over the years, studies have consistently found cholesterol levels can be largely affected by hereditary factors, rather than purely based on dietary intake of cholesterol.”

Chino Valley Ranchers is a family owned and operated company located in Arcadia, CA and has been producing quality, organic eggs for over 50 years. During this time, the company has constantly improved its ability to achieve the highest quality organic and cage free eggs for its customers. Chino Valley Ranchers offers many egg varieties, including organic, soy free organic, organic omega-3, organic DHA Omega-3, Veg-a-Fed, Veg-a-Fed Omega-3, Humane Harvest and Nutri-Fresh Fertile eggs. More information about Chino Valley Ranchers can be found on its corporate website at or by calling 1.800.354.4503.