Chino Valley Ranchers Eggs Featured in What Robin Eats Cauli-Oat Recipe

Chino Valley Ranchers organic pasture-raised eggs were recently featured in an Instagram post by Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Robin Plotnik on her profile @whatrobineats, reaching over 32,000 followers. 

In the Instagram post, Robin writes, “I never paid attention to the type of eggs we were eating before having Poppy. I knew there was a difference but I didn’t really know what the difference was. I was introduced to @chinovalleyranchers right when I got pregnant with Poppy and never looked back! I’ve never had a more yummier egg and I recently started buying their pasture raised eggs from Trader Joe’s. I was so pumped to see their cartons there! Pasture raised eggs means happier hens that lay more nutritious eggs. Their hens have plenty of room to roam while eating all things hens should eat, taking dirt baths, and simply doing things hens do.” She continues, saying, “It’s truly amazing to know how much @chinovalleyranchers cares for their hens.” 

Vice President of Chino Valley Ranchers, Chris Nichols, says, “I don’t think I’ve ever thought I’d be so intrigued with a bake recipe that called for cauliflower, oats and eggs. But Robin’s recipe has got me curious and I can’t wait to try these out with Chino Valley Ranchers pasture raised eggs. Excited to see how they turn out!” 

On her website, Robin writes, “WhatRobinEats is a place for followers to be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness and eating food that’s sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” In addition to sharing recipes with her Instagram followers, Robin creates fitness and nutrition plans for clients across the country. In her free time she enjoys, “exploring nature with her husband, creating recipes in the kitchen, or thrift clothes shopping.”

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