Chino Valley Ranchers Eggs Featured in Toast Recipe by Food Blogger Hannah Guthman

Chino Valley Ranchers organic, pasture-raised eggs were recently featured in an Instagram post by Food Blogger Hannah Guthman on her profile @hannah.guthman, which has over 26,000 followers. 

In the Instagram post, Hannah says, “Let me tell you… DELICIOUS things happen to those who toast. Want proof? Here are 2 pieces of them. Simple sourdough crisped in a skillet until warm and crunchy: the first is topped with a savory, buttery, pasture-raised egg served sunny side up from @chinovalleyranchers, and the second is layered with Greek yogurt, figs, dill, and olive oil. Both are finished with flaked salt, and devoured immediately.” 

Speaking about the Instagram post, Vice President of Chino Valley Ranchers, Chris Nichols, says, “This toast recipe looks scandalously delicious while still being nutritious and healthy. Thank you, Hannah, for the beautiful and undoubtedly tasty recipe featuring Chino Valley Ranchers’ pasture-raised eggs. I can’t wait to try it at home!”

Chino Valley Ranchers organic, pasture-raised eggs are produced by hens fed a healthy diet of organic non-GMO seeds, grains, and limestone. Hens receive plenty of sunlight and have the freedom to roam and forage in pastures. All Chino Valley Ranchers’ eggs are produced without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

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