Chino Valley Ranchers Eggs Featured in Frittata Recipe

In the post, Taylor writes, “Happy Friday, we made it! To get this Friday started I had to start off with a protein-rich frittata made with @chinovalleyranchers eggs! What I love about frittatas is the amount of versatility they have; from using up leftovers or just rummaging through the fridge and adding in random veggies, the options are limitless! Enjoy!” The recipe calls for four Chino Valley Ranchers eggs, almond milk, onion, garlic, peppers, mushrooms, cilantro and parmesan cheese. 

Speaking about the Instagram post, Vice President of Chino Valley Ranchers Chris Nichols says, “I’m always up for a frittata made with organic Chino Valley Ranchers eggs for breakfast and this one looks especially delicious. Thanks, Taylor, for the recipe!”

All Chino Valley Ranchers egg varieties are organic. Chickens do not consume antibiotics, growth hormones or any animal by-products. Instead, they are fed organic, non-GMO grains and seeds from certified pesticide-free fields. Chino Valley Ranchers chickens have unlimited access to food and water and the freedom to forage for food outdoors. The family-owned business is a leader in safe and humane ranching practices and offers its customers the many benefits of organic eggs.

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